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Medical intuition is a set of definitive intuitive skills organized to gather energetic information from our ever-present friend, the body. Lori Wilson is the author of de-mystifying … Medical Intuition, a groundbreaking and masterful book which defines the field and outlines 5 distinct styles of medical intuition. She is also available for private consultations with you.

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2 options are available for Medical Intuition appointments with Lori
Please note: This style of medical intuition does not provide healing recommendations and is intended to be an adjunct support service for you & your healing team members. It is not a replacement for competent medical or holistic care.

Emailed to you in an WMA audio file within 3 days of your request.


Do you have a pressing area of your body or set of symptoms that
are elusive or a heath concern that is time sensitive?


• Ask author and medical intuitive Lori Wilson to tune-in and get to the root of what is going on according to the number one expert – your body! You will have an in-depth, 15-minute Audio File sent to you within 3 business days.

• Colleagues often recommend this service to their clients as a tool for gathering additional information from the client’s body to be used in conjunction with the healing work they are doing together.

• Let medical intuition be the support tool for pieces of the health puzzle that are still unclear or pressing.

• An ideal and economical way for you to enjoy insight without concern for time zones or the cost a long distance call.

Send this dynamite gift of health to someone you love in the form of a Gift Certificate. In all cases, the client who the scan is for must request the mini-scan for themselves.


Step 1:

Go to the Store and purchase your session.

Once your purchase is complete you will receive a confirmation note with a link that will ask you to indicate the 1 area of focus in your body or the 1 set of symptoms that you would like scanned.

It is important to note that Lori prefers to not have any details or history surrounding your area of concern.

If you have purchased this as a Gift Certificate for a loved one the Gift Certificate (in an attractive Print-Ready Color PDF) will be automatically generated. You can forward it via email or print it out to deliver in person. As mentioned above, in all cases, the client still must request the mini-scan for themselves. You can not request a scan for someone else on their behalf.

Or, if you prefer you may also print out the Appointment Request Form and FAX in with your name, contact and payment details as well as your 1 area of focus.
Go > Once the page is complete, FAX your request to 1-519-763-2310.

Step 2:
Using her intuition and unique protocol Lori will use scan your body to explore the root of your stated focus and describe what is going on in your body.
This 15-min. mini-scan will be recorded and a digital audio file sent to you via email within 3 business days of your request. This type of service is not available on disk or via mail. There will be clear instructions on how to listen to and/or save your medical intuition body scan on your computer. You are encouraged to forward it to key healing team members.

This style of medical intuition is not channelled wisdom from a guide. Instead, it is information gained intuitively from your body directly.
Step 3:
When your 15 min. body scan arrives via email, you can listen to it on your computer, save it to a folder on your computer or save it in a fashion that allows you to play it in many digital players. You are encouraged to make notes from your recording. If for any reason you misplace your file or delete it, no problem – just request that we send it to you again.

The Fee for a 15-minute mini scan is $113. CAN / $100. USA. 

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Testimonials for 15-minute medical intuition appointment

“My husband and I are grateful for the chance to have our mini medical intuition tune-in with you last week. It led us to ask new questions about his digestion to our GP and Naturopath. I think we are on a new path that looks very promising based on his body’s information.”
C.J. - Ottawa , Ontario

“You sure pack a lot into 15 minutes. It seemed like an hour’s worth of information. I made notes while listening to the recording and I have 5 pages. WOW. My body is really wise! Thanks for putting me in touch with the root of my shoulder pain.”
P.A. - San Diego , California

“I was worried I could not get the info I needed before I left for a business trip. Based on what you told me about my knee, I got the correct support in place and had a relatively painless trip. The 3 day turn around is so important. Thanks for being there for me!”
G.T-P. – London , U.K.

“I saw you do a brief medical intuition demonstration at a Conference last year. My session was fantastic. You covered 2 important areas that were intricately connected within my one symptom, but we never knew how they were connected before. Now we know what resources to seek for help! Many thanks Lori. I hope one day I can also learn your work.”
F.R. Toronto , Ontario

Telephone consultation.

Are you having considerable heath challenges and need to find out
from your body what is going on?

Have traditional tools not been able to uncover the root or true nature of your physical discomfort? Let Lori Wilson, author and renowned Medical Intuitive ask your body what is going and track the answers for you.


A Medical Intuition full body scan provides you with a type of “photocopy or portrait” of what is going on in your body.

Please note that in these consultations you are actually paying for 2 hours of Lori’s time. One hour is spent with her doing the scan prior to your scheduled appointment, and in the second hour you will be speaking with Lori on the telephone to receive the information from your body scan. You are asked to take notes during this hour. Your session will not be recorded.


The following is the training method used in Medical Intuition: Lori Wilson's Total Body Intuition™. This is the same technique used by many of the Inner Access 101 certified graduates to receive the information from your body during the 1-hour preparatory Medical Intuitive Body Scan.

Be reminded that this style of medical intuition is not channeled through a guide or does not use any pre-existing maps/perceptions of the body or energy field. Instead, the body is the sole guide and source of wisdom being accessed.

This 3-step protocol developed by Lori Wilson to gather information includes: Broadcast, Head to Toe and Organs & Systems. The information is relayed to you in the following 3-steps.
1) The Broadcast information is for first impressions. Whatever is "broadcasting" the loudest when the practitioner first tunes into the energy field in the full scan will be reported first. It is always relevant information, but may not be in order of priority or establish the roots of what is going on. It is the practitioner’s way of connecting with the body.

2) The Head to Toe part of the scan goes systematically from head to toe asking the body to present what is out of balance in any given area within the physical body. The information comes forth from the body in a variety of ways such as: physiological information and sensations; illustrations as to where energy is challenged or out of balance; information about the time frames or root causes; emotional reasons for the imbalance or discomfort; energetic, environmental, generational or even past life influences that relate to current day health.

3) Lastly, a double check of Organs & Systems is done to ensure nothing has been missed. Systemic conditions that may travel through the blood, lymph or even the DNA for example may show up during this part of the scan, but not necessarily when we scan from Head to Toe.



In your appointment Lori will take the first 45-50 minutes or so to relay the scan information that has already been gathered for you as it was received from your body. You may ask questions or give feedback at any time or wait until the end. You may have no questions to ask. Most choose to use the remainder of your time to ask questions or to clarify the session further.

This style of medical intuition does not make healing recommendations or diagnoses. It provides a health portrait that you can bring back to your healing team members who are qualified to create treatment plans with the information that has been shared by your body.

Step 1:

Go to the Store and purchase your session.

Once your purchase is complete you will receive a confirmation note with a link that indicates that you have purchased a 1-hr. Gift Certificate for a Medical Intuition appointment. (It will be in an attractive Print-Ready Color PDF) that is automatically generated.

Or, if you prefer you may also print out the Appointment Request Form and FAX in with your name, contact and payment details. We will contact you as soon as we receive your request to book your appointment.
Go > Once the page is complete, FAX your request to 1-519-763-2310.

Step 2:
When you would like to book a time for your appointment simply call or email the office and you will be booked into the closest available time. Most typically your appointment can be scheduled within 2-4 weeks. Lori will not want any details about your health or area of query prior to doing the full body scan.

Step 3:

On the day of your appointment you will call Lori at the office. The number is 1-519-824-6655. Appointments are booked in Eastern Standard Time. Be reminded that you need to be prepared to take notes for the hour. This is an information delivery session, not a healing or a treatment planning service. You will not be provided with a recording or a written report of your session. You are welcome to have a second party listen on another line or you may arrange a three-way call. This is a wonderful way to include any key members of your healing team to hear first hand, the results of your scan. They may help you take notes as well.

The Fee for a 1-hour full consultation is $565. CAN,  $500. USA.  
This includes 2 hours of time. (1 hour to do the scan and 1 hour to report it.)

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 If you prefer, you can also call the office during business hours to book your appointment.

Office Hours are: Mon-Thurs. 10am-6pm (Eastern Standard Time.)

 If you are local, you are welcome to request a 1-hour in-person appointment.
Lori’s office is in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.



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